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Ensuring Authentic Interactions Verify with WhatsApp for Genuine Enquiries

In an era where online interactions are abundant and automated bots are prevalent, distinguishing between authentic readers and artificial entities has become paramount. To maintain the integrity of our online community and ensure meaningful conversations, we are introducing a straightforward verification process for readers who engage with us through website forms or emails.

The Need for Verification

Bots infiltrating digital spaces can lead to spam, manipulated data, and disrupted conversations. To uphold the quality of interactions and the credibility of our platform, we’re implementing a verification step that confirms you are a real person and not an automated script.

Seamless Verification Process After Form Submission

If you’ve just submitted a form on our website, there is an additional step to further verify your authenticity. After clicking the submit button, we kindly request you to follow up with a quick WhatsApp message to our official contact number. This simple action confirms that the form was completed by a genuine reader.

Streamlined Verification Process After Sending an Email

For those who prefer to reach out via email, we’ve streamlined the verification process. After sending an email to our designated address, we ask you to send a brief WhatsApp message to our contact number. This ensures that your interest in communicating with us is genuine.

How It Works

  1. Submit the Form or Send an Email: Complete the usual form submission or send us an email as you normally would.
  2. Access WhatsApp via Mobile: If you’re logging in via your mobile phone, you’ll notice the WhatsApp icon positioned at the bottom of our pages. With just one click on this icon, you’ll be directly linked to our official WhatsApp account.
  3. Send a Verification Message: Open WhatsApp and initiate a conversation with us. A simple greeting or any message, together with your good name, that indicates your genuine intention to communicate is sufficient.
  4. Verification Confirmed: Upon receiving your WhatsApp message, we’ll cross-reference it with your recent form submission or email. You’ll then receive a confirmation that your verification is successful.

Privacy and Security

Your privacy is our priority. Rest assured that the WhatsApp verification process is solely for authentication purposes and will not lead to the sharing of your personal information with third parties.

Simplifying Verification for Mobile Users

For readers accessing our platform through their mobile phones, the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of our pages offers a seamless verification experience. A single click on this icon instantly connects you to our WhatsApp account, allowing you to verify your identity with ease.

Simplifying Verification for Laptop/ Desktop Users
For readers accessing our platform through their Laptop/ Desktop, the WhatsApp icon on the our pages offers a seamless verification experience. A single click on this icon will take you to the Whatsapp app or the Whatsapp Web allowing you to verify your identity with ease.

Building an Authentic Online Community

By participating in this verification process, you join us in creating an online environment that’s immune to the interference of bots. Your genuine interactions contribute to fostering meaningful conversations, reliable information sharing, and a trustworthy community.

We extend our gratitude for your cooperation and support as we work together to ensure that our interactions are genuine and credible. For any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. Your verification through WhatsApp signifies your commitment to authentic engagement and strengthens our shared goal of creating a dependable online space.

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