1    We are  different  from  other   firms, essentially  we place  much emphasis upon  the mini-pupillage or  attachment, as we call it in Malaysia.   Normally  a candidate will  have  to undertake an assessed  mini-pupillage/ attachment with us before a candidate is officially being offered a place for pupillage.

Assessed Mini-Pupillage
2      At  Alex Chang & Co,  we regard assessed  mini-pupillage  as important both for the firm and for you.  From the perspective of the pupils, they will be able to consider whether they would  like  to spend their pupillage with us, and hopefully, thereafter remain here as legal assistants.

2.1    Every firm has their own working style, ours is one that engages the intellectual  side of the young minds and would like you, the pupil to have the opportunity to see that for yourself.

2.2   This opportunity will save you  changing master after a short period, set out by an author in this short article.


3      We  handpick  pupils  for assessed mini-pupillage; only those of  whom we consider potential pupillage  candidates.  The candidates who demonstrate  inter alia  the following qualities which we think there are essential  for  a successful advocate:

3.1     A love for company law and litigation/ dispute resolution;

3.2     A keen eye for details;

3.3     Ability  to present  clear and persuasive  arguments on a set of given facts and law under pressure;

3.4     Analytical & Dynamic thinking; and

3.5     Capable of   understand, and show understanding of  the   needs and problems of those  for whom and with whom they work;

3.6     An extremely good command of the English language.


3A      From our point of view,  we  would  like  to know you,   the pupillage candidates better.  It will not be  in  either our interests or those applying to us that we make our decisions  merely  on the basis of an application form together with your curriculum vitae, and interaction at the interview.  We think that a  more  detailed  assessment is fairer to candidates.

4      Mini-pupillage  enables  candidates to have an insight   of the work we do.   Mini-pupils will be given opportunity to be exposed as follows:

4.1      Mini-pupils will be given a  file to read;

4.2      be invited to present their  opinion, thoughts  or  views with respect to the particular file which they have read;

4.3     be involved  with on-going matters,  for instance, to conduct  research on certain issues;

4.4     to attend  court together  with counsel   to witness    the proceedings.

5      An  assessed  mini-pupillage normally involves pupils  spending a week  in the   firm.

6     Given  the importance we  place on  mini-pupillage,  we  encourage candidates to apply for (and if feasible undertake) an assessed  mini-pupillage  before making their pupillage application.

6.1     We  accept the applications for assessed mini-pupillage for  those who has completed  their Certificate of Legal Practice or Bar or any equivalent qualifications.

7      Applications for an assessed mini-pupillage, should be made directly  using the Application Form which can be found at the website of Alex Chang & Co at  the column of  Job Opportunity.   A simple click on  ‘submit’ will  lead  you to a  great opportunity and open your perspective.

8      Come join us for a unique experience.

Unassessed mini-pupillages
9       We offer some unassessed mini-pupillages  for those who are at an earlier stage of their legal studies and who wish to consider practising as an advocate  in our areas of expertise.

10     Again places are limited and we are only able to offer unassessed mini-pupillages to applicants who demonstrate exceptional qualities. We accept applications  for  unassessed  mini-pupillages  throughout the year on the application form  available here.

LIM Soo Zee, Megan

Chair Pupils Selection Committee