Audrey Chieng Hui Sieng

An eye-opening and unforgettable experience Audrey Chieng Hui Sieng


An eye-opening and unforgettable experience

To be honest, this one-month attachment, has really given me a unique and eye-opening experience that I have ever had. I had undertaken 3 attachments in different law firm in Sarawak and I would definitely say that my experience in Alex Chang & Co (ACC) is the most unforgettable experience.

I would say that the working environment and the compliance of the working instructions are very efficient and effective. Every instruction given must be followed and every tasks assigned must be completed within the requisite time frame provided. In ACC, you will experience a different office system where everyone in the office are required to list out their own “to-do list” in a Whatapp group every morning to ensure that every task given will be completed. That is the reason why the employees in ACC are particularly productive.

Bear in mind that you should not expect to be spoon-feed lessons while working in ACC, every work or task delegated requires you to be more resourceful and encourages you to inquire more about it as you are responsible to your own tasks. This practice has indeed improved my discipline and time-management.

The most unforgettable experience that I have during my attachment is that I get the opportunity to follow Mr Chang to court and witness how lawyers present their case in front of the judge. The way Mr Chang presents his case submission is very impressive, as he always thinks outside of the box and does the best he can to help his clients.

Overall, it was my first working experience in Kuala Lumpur and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you Mr Chang for giving me this precious opportunity to be able to work in a real litigation firm.

p/s I will definitely miss Ms Janice’s lunch.

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