Kelly Lim Chia Li

2 weeks with Alex Chang & Co. Kelly Lim Chia Li


My 2 weeks in Alex Chang & Co was a memorable experience. I applied for a pupillage position through the Alex Chang & Co website and I had to go through a 2 weeks mini Pupillage session first.

On my first day, I was already given the task to do some case research. Bear in mind, this is a litigation firm so there’s a lot of case researching as well as a lot of drafting. With the guidance of Ms Jess Pang as well as the clerks in the firm, I was able to learn how to search for cases. The next few days are filled with court visits in which I got to observe a hearing in an open court as well as be in the judges chamber. There is definitely work every day and you get to learn a lot. This I guarantee. 

The firm has a rather interesting culture. We eat lunch together every day! Now, that’s not very common and in fact, it’s actually one of the highlights of working there. Lunch is always prepared by Ms Janice and her cooking is really good! So don’t worry about lunch, on where to eat and so on. The firm provides really good lunches for free! In addition to that, Mr Chang takes this opportunity to know his staff more personally. During my whole 2 weeks, I was invited by him to choose a song of my liking and he’ll play it on his Bluetooth speakers. 

One thing to note about this firm is the working hours. Remember in the application there was a question about staying for work until 8 pm? Ya, it’s there for a reason. Everyone in the firm usually goes back after 8 pm. This is because the firm is very busy. So remember, if you’re staying really far away from the office (approximately 50mins and about by public transport), don’t work here. The travelling time is really tiring. Remember, you have been warned.

All in all, the firm encourages those who are new to the firm to learn about the legal Industry. You will get a hand on experience to see/feel how a lawyer works. There are times Mr Chang will invite you into his office so that you can observe how they build a case to be fought in court. He’ll sometimes ask for your thoughts and inputs on the case that they are working on. 

All in all, this firm really teaches you a lot about the legal industry. Working here is definitely not a walk in the park. So if you’re a weak-hearted person/ not mentally strong, this firm may not be suitable for you. It’s very fast-paced and you’ve got to be able to keep up or you’ll be left behind. So if you want to take up a challenge, then go ahead and apply to this firm. You’ll learn a lot, I can guarantee you this. 

With this, I end with a word of encouragement. Good luck and all the best. Apply to this firm, you’ll definitely get a clearer picture of the legal industry. 

Sincerely, Kelly Lim 

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