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Posted by Shu Yi Wong

Wong Shu Yi

Wong Shu Yi

April 9, 2016 – The 40th Interact Leadership Training Seminar was held at SMK (L) Methodist, KL with a total attendance of 181 persons, who consists of Interactors (113), teacher advisors (4), Rotaractors (4) and Rotarians (24).

The detailed breakdown of the Interactors as below:
Cheras – 6 pax
PESS – 23 pax
Kuen Cheng – 4 pax
MBS – 38 pax
VI – 13 pax
Dato Onn – 12 pax
Confucian – 8 pax
Sri Sentosa – 9 pax
Puchong Batu 14 – 10 pax

The event was successfully organized with the help of 24 Rotarians, who were from the Rotary Club of Pudu and Rotary Club of Puchong Centennial. We were honored to invite the Incoming District Governor Darul Abdullah as the Guest of Honor of our event. On top of that, the Incoming Assistant Governor Lim Poh Huu was also present as one of our guests.

The event was kicked off with the arrival of our Guest of Honor followed by the singing of the Patriotic and Interact songs. After which, Youth Service Director Rotarian Angela Cheong delivered a speech officiating the event. A second speech was given by Incoming President Sandy Soh. And finally, a few words by our Guest of Honor.

One of the highlights of the event was the “Leadership” motivational session led by our Rotarian Iswaran. He added a twist to his session by inviting 6 interactors from different schools on stage with an interactive ice breaker. However, it did not only bring laughter to the crowd, the nervous Interactors started to feel comfortable on stage while being in front of the crowd.

The Rotarians played very important roles in the event by conducting the Leadership Training workshops and leading the case study sessions with the Interactors. The objective of the workshops and case studies was to equip the Interactors to be future leaders and to enhance their social and leadership skills. During the workshops, the interactors were divided into their respective avenue of service for training.

Besides training, this was also the event where 16 awards were presented to the schools for their achievements of RY 2015-16. The winner of the Best Interact Club of RY 2015-16 is Pudu English Girl School (PESS), followed by 1st runner-up Methodish Boy School (MBS), KL.

The event ended successfully at 2:45 pm after taking the group photo by the respective schools’ Interactors.

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