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DIY Homemade Fan Filter Machine using  USD 6 in 5 Minutes

The above figure shows the state of the filter after six 6 days of use compared to the new unused filter.  Imagine all these dust in your lungs.

Filter To Be Used In An Enclosed Air Conditioned Room

I have done some research.
There is a 3M Filtrete Four pieces of 19cm x 30cm: At RM53 or about USD12;  can be fitted to a table fan.  Two pieces are  needed at RM28 OR USD 6.   3M Filtrete filters come in various sizes.

For reviews on the 3M Filtrete, visit:


This idea is very similar to this NUS idea that was featured in the Star in 2014.

Try it.


Cheap Home Made Micron 0.1 Haze dust filter at RM53/ US$12

Cheap Home-made Micron 0.1 Haze dust filter machine at RM53/ US$12


Cut the filtrate into the size to be fit into the fan metal casing.

Cut the Filtrate filter into in a RECTANGULAR shape   to be fitted into the fan’s metal casing.  The white colour stripes are the double-sided tapes.  The  filter appearing on top on the left  is the one  after 7 days’ used.



Insert the filtrate into fan metal casing

Insert the Filtrate into fan’s metal casing secure it with the double-side tapes.

After re-attach the metal casing with the filtrate.

Re-attached the metal casing with the Filtrate inside.  There should be  ‘over-lapping’ parts at the edge of the metal casing as indicated to help you fasten the filter properly.


This is how the filtrate look like after 3 days

This is how the filter  look like after 3 days’ of use.  Notice the parts by the side and in the middle are of lighter colour.



The result (on top)  after 7 days as compared to the fresh one below.  The Filtrete filter on the right, I bought them from HomePro while I was in Bangkok.

Note: I will not recommend to fit it to the air conditioners.  It did not work too well for mine.


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