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Bankruptcy Discharge


Discharge after full settlement with Creditors Assisted by Lawyers

For information on the above click here.


For information on the above click here.

Discharge & Annulment with Assitance of Lawyers

The article below sets out some general information in… Continue reading

Understanding Child Custody &  Guardianship of Infants in Malaysia 1 The meaning of child custody is silent. Both in the Guardianship of Infant Act 1961 (GIA) and the Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 (LRA). There are three types of custody which includes legal custody, physical custody and… Continue reading

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In this digital era, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo has become part of human’s life. Recently, Trump and Clinton, being the candidates of United State President Election 2016 have fueled millions of Facebook… Continue reading

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Dalam era digital sekarang, media social seperti Facebook, Twitter dan Sina Weibo telah menjadi sebahagian kehidupan seseorang. Baru-baru ini, calon-calon untuk pilihan raya umum presiden Amerika Syarikat 2016 mendorong  berjuta-juta posting Facebook, dan ia sudah cukup… Continue reading

Documents Required for Discharge of Bankruptcy:

  1. Statement of Claim, Judgment,
  2. Bankruptcy Orders:  Receiving Order  and Adjudicating Order (Perintah Penerimaan dan Perintah Penghukuman);
  3. List of creditors, if any
  4. Age; health condition (medical report)
  5. History of payment(s) to Official Assignee (Pegawai Pemegang Harta)

To find out why you need these… Continue reading

Limitation Act West Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak

LIMITATION OF ACTIONS TO RECOVER LAND AND RENT With regards to the limitation of actions to recover rents, the timescale for all three jurisdictions is limited to six years. LIMITATION OF ACTIONS TO RECOVER MONEY SECURED BY MORTGAGE OR CHARGE OR TO RECOVER… Continue reading

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Social Guarantor Cannot be Made a Bankrupt In New Amendment 

破产查询问卷调查表 中文


Social can no longer be made a bankrupt under the new Bankruptcy… Continue reading

A Sheriff of the Sessions Court executed  a Writ of Seizure and Sale in the enforcement of a Judgment on the goods of a Judgment Debtor.

A claimant produced a deed of sale claiming ownership of certain goods seized.   Therefore there was a dispute on the ownership of… Continue reading

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