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Vinnie Yang

Over the past 4 weeks, I have interned at  Alex Chang & Co and it is definitely a fruitful experience thus far. At the beginning, I was pretty skeptical to accept the internship offer as I was worried about having insufficient knowledge and qualification… Continue reading

About Alex Chang & Co

张惠华律师事务所(Alex Chang 律师事务所)概况 Founded by Alex Chang Huey Wah Esq.  in 1993 Alex Chang & Co. remain a boutique law firm that serves a small groups of clients in various industries.

由Alex Chang Huey Wah(张惠华)先生在1993年所创办的Alex Chang 律师事务所(Alex Chang& Co)至今都仍为一家小型的律师事务所,为着一小部分来自不同领域的客户服务。

We pride ourselves in assisting… Continue reading

companies winding up (area of practice) 公司清盘 (专业领域)

Recover Your Debts- Pay Up or Wind Up 追还您的债款-清还或者清盘

Companies Winding Up Handbook Recover Your Debts- the Concept of Pay Up or Wind Up 公司清盘手册 追还您的债款-清还或者清盘的概念

Many people have the idea that if I should wind up my debtor, prove them to… Continue reading

Corporate Law 公司法

After years of conducting matters in the Companies Winding Up Laws, Alex Chang was invited to contribute to the Companies Winding Up Handbook. In this book imported by Alex into Malaysia.

经过多年处理有关公司清盘法的案件,张惠华大律师受邀为公司清盘手册(Companies Winding Up Handbook)作出贡献。这本书是由张大律师引进到马来西亚。

Primarily written as a text to assist the lawyers, the First Edition… Continue reading

Litigation New cases are added yearly since 1995 to our list of reported/ published cases, now numbering more than 30, on debt recovery, winding up, injunctions and other areas. 诉讼 自1995年以来,我们被报道/发表的案件列表每年都增加,包括债务追讨,公司清盘,禁止令和其他领域,目前列表的案件总数已超过30。

The Grounds of Judgment: Yap Kit Wah & 30 Ors v Yap Kim Choon @ Yap Siw Sin &… Continue reading

Shareholders’ Dispute 股东控权人的争议

Mareva injunctions are court orders that allows the applicant to way of an ex parte application. What is exciting about this type of orders is we have used it many times to freeze the account of persons/ companies who are not NAMED in the action. 资产冻结强制令是法院命令,允许申请人提出单方面申请的方式。令人兴奋的有关此类型的次序是我们已多次使用了它来冻结无名人或公司的帐户。

That… Continue reading

Anton Piller Injunctions 容许查察令(民事搜查令)

Anton Piller injunctions are court orders that allows the use of reasonable force to enter the premises of the defendants to recover properties. It is usually filed by way of an ex parte application. 容许查察令(民事搜查令)是一种能准許原告進入被告控制下的處所,並檢取和移文件和材料的禁令。通常这种法庭禁令可由原告单方面提出申请。

The first reported case of this type handled by our firm… Continue reading

Peggy San, 申碧溪

Before the commencement of my summer attachment in a legal firm, I was invited personally by Mr Alex Chang Huey Wah to attend his lecture as one of the lecturers at the Bar Council Ethics classes exclusively tailored for the pupils in chamber.  That was my… Continue reading

Pupillage & Attachment Programs at Alex Chang & Co, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 在Alex Chang 律师事务所(吉隆坡,马来西亚 )的实习律师与见习学生课程

In Malaysia, many young lawyers who are reading their undergraduate  law degree like to  join the legal firms as attachment students to gain exposure.   After graduation  and completing the… Continue reading

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