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barrister holding wig7 Tips for the Preparation of Your Admission “Long Call” in Malaysia

1.    Traditionally your Pupil Master or your Pupil Mistress will enjoy the singular privilege to “ROBE” the pupil, is he or she coming or not coming?

2.    If your parents are able to attend please inform the counsel moving your call so that they may be introduced during the speech.

3.    White winged collar shirt for gentlemen or white blouse for ladies

4.    Robes AND Barrister Bands (Bibs) or Collarette or Full Bib Collarette;

5.    Further notes on Dress code please click here, if you are a lady you have the privilege to choose between hearing a pair of Skirts or trousers, if you should choose a pair of skirts please let it be lower than your knees.

6.    The Admission order, your good name in full must appear on the second page if you leave a blank page to be signed by the representatives from the Attorney General, Bar Council and the State Bar Committee, it will NOT be signed.

7.    Speeches can be prepared 100% in Bahasa Malaysia (the Malay Language) or English, please choose one language only. Please send your speech at least a week ahead of the proceedings and find an opportunity to meet the counsel moving your call prior to the proceedings.


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