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3 Ways Your Private Car Insurance Will Burn A Hole in Your Pocket

3 个理由你的私家车保险会让您钱包大出血

Published November 20, 2015 | By CHOW
3 Ways Your Private Car Insurance Will Burn A Hole in Your Pocket
In Malaysia buying a car serves as a mark of independence and adulthood in most of our lives. However, do you know what is the extent of coverage that your standard private car insurance policy provides and what it does not cover?
3 个理由你的私家车保险会让您钱包大出血
在马来西亚, 很多时候买车就代表着我们已经长大并独立了
What your Standard Private Car Insurance Policy WILL NOT Cover.
1 There are many instances that the insurance company will deny liability, and some of them are called “Special Perils”, which includes flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, volcanic eruption, earthquake, landslide, landslip, subsidence, or other convulsion of nature.
1 在有许多情况下,保险公司都会拒绝赔偿,其中的情况是那些被称为“特殊风险的” 包括洪水、台风、飓风、暴雨、暴风、火山爆发、地震、土崩、山崩、地面塌陷、或其它自然灾变。
2 Furthermore, the generic Policy does not cover loss or damage caused by riot, strike, civil commotion, and also Legal Liability to Passengers.

2 此外,一般的保险单也不保障涉及暴动,罢工示威,或内乱所造成的损失与损坏以及使对车上人员的法律责任。

2.1 For better understanding of the calculations herein, we shall use the example of a motor car insurance for a Toyota Avanza, a 7-seater car with an engine capacity 1,496 cc, and insured at a sum of RM70,000.

2.1 为了让您更清楚的了解保险的计算,我们就用丰田 AVANZA 车款,一种有7个座位,发动机排量是1496毫升的私家车,和对它保有7万令吉的保险来给您当例子。

Flood, Storm, and Tempest
3 Going through the list of special perils as stated above, one cannot

help but wonder “Would I be covered if my car is stuck in a flood?” The answer to that is No.

3 看了以上列出的那一长串“特殊风险”,不禁让人
4 Your common Policy does not cover for the payment of any
mechanical breakdowns or other damages that are caused by flood water entering the interiors of your car.
4 您一般的保险单不会保障那些因水灾的水进入您车内部而造成的引擎损坏或其它的损坏。

4.1 One of our clients had to replace the engine of his C Class, after his car was hit by flash flood in the City, the replacement cost was a whopping USD20,000 (RM80,000).

4.1 记得我们的一位客户,因为他车的损坏是因水灾而造成的,导致他必须自掏腰包,花了大约2万美元(大约8万马币)来更换他 马赛地 C 型轿车的引擎。
Endorsement for Flood


Car submerged in a flood


5 You have the option to supplement your policy by the payment of an additional premium with a flood, storm, hurricane, and tempest Endorsement.

5 您通常能选择为您的保单以额外的保险费用来追保一些“附加险”,如水灾,暴雨,飓风和暴风。

5.1 An endorsement is basically an additional coverage that you may subscribe together with the original Policy with a fee.

5.1 额外担保其实是一些您可以在签购您原本的保单时额外付钱多加的保障。

5.2 For the Endorsement for Special Perils, the additional premium required is 0.5% of the value of the car.
5.2.1 For example, the calculation for a car with a sum insured of RM70,000 is as follows:

0.5% x RM 70,000.00 = RM 350.00

5.2 如果为“特殊风险”做额外担保,须多加的保险费用会是您欲担保的车的价值的0.5巴仙。

0.5 巴仙 乘于 7万令吉就等于 350令吉

Riot, Strike, and Civil Commotion (RSCC)

6 In view of the current events, riots and other public disturbances are becoming a common issue worldwide.

暴动,罢工,内乱 (简称RSCC)


6.1 The generic Policy does not cover for damages inflicted upon your car consequence to a violent act, or any disturbance of the public peace.

6.1 一般的保险单不会为暴行或任何扰乱治安的行为对您轿车所造成的损坏给予担保。

Endorsement for RSCC

7 To avoid being devastated by such events, subscribing to the endorsement providing protection against riots, strikes, and civil commotions will be beneficial as it specifically covers the following:


7. 为避免因这些事件而悲痛欲绝,为暴动,罢工示威和内乱签购额外担保其实是相当有益的,尤其是以下这些:

7.1 The act of any person taking part in any disturbance of the public peace or the acts of a lawful authority done in suppressing or minimizing the said disturbance; and

7.1. 那些参与扰乱治安示威活动的人们和为了制止动乱的执法者的举动;和
7.2 The wilful act of any striker or worker done in demonstration of a strike or resistance to any lockout from the working premises, or the acts of any lawful authority done to suppress or minimize the consequences of the worker’s acts.
7.3 To obtain the Endorsement for RSCC, one has to pay a premium of 0.3% of the sum assured.
7.3.1 For example, the calculation for the additional premium for a Toyota Avanza with a sum insured at RM 70,000.00 is as follows:

0.3% x RM 70,000.00 = RM 210.00

7.3 如果为“RSCC”做额外担保,须多加的保险费用会是您欲担保的车的价值的0.3巴仙。


Legal Liabilities to Passengers

8 The generic Policy has a clause on the Exclusion of Legal Liabilities to Passengers (“LLP”). The insurer will not cover you for any injury sustained by the passengers.


8 一般的保险单都会有对车上人员的责任免除条款,如果您车上人员在您的车里承受了伤害,保险公司是不会提供您任何这方面的保障。

Endorsement for LLP


9 You can choose to extend the cover by removing the existing LLP clause (Endorsement 100) for a fee, then, the Insurers will cover you with some exceptions as stated herein.

9 您可以选择额外付钱为您的保险单删除原本保障车上人员责任险的条款险来延伸对您的保障(担保100),这么一来,保险公司就会为作出以下的保障:

9.1 The premium for LLP endorsement is 25% of the Third Party Premium whereby RM 10.00 is added for every seat that is in excess of five seats.
9.2 For example, for a Toyota Avanza, with a sum insured at RM70,000 the Third Party Premium is estimated to be RM 168.75. Therefore, the calculation for the LLP Endorsement is as follows:
25% x RM 168.75 =RM 42.19
RM42.19+ RM20.00 (for the additional two seats) = RM 62.19
9.1 LLP额外担保 的保险费用是第三方保险费用的25%,超过五个座位的每一个座位都会多加10令吉。
9.2 打个比方,就以一个价值7万令吉的丰田 Avanza保险来计算,第三方保险费用预计会是168.75令吉。所以,LLP额外担保的算法将会如下:


10 The Insurers WILL NOT pay for any bodily injury or death of a passenger who is:
10.1 paying for the ride; or
10.2 your employee; or
10.3 your family member, transported in the course of a leisurely travel .
10 保险公司不会对受伤或身故的车上人做出赔偿如果他:
10.1 为车程付款;或
10.2 是您的员工;或
10.3 您的家庭成员,在悠闲旅程中乘车

11 In the case Union Insurance Co. v Chan You Young [1995] 4 CLJ 92, decided by the Court of Appeal of Malaysia, the wife of the Insured was able to claim from Union Insurance Co. as at the time of accident, she was being driven because she was heading to work instead of being on leisurely travel.

11 在 由马来西亚上诉法院所决定的 Union Insurance Co. v Chan You Young [1995] 4 CLJ 92 案例,投保人的妻子成功的向Union Insurance Co.索赔,因为 在车祸发生后的当下,她是在上班的途中乘搭车子。

Vehicles Entering Singapore
12 Another point to note is that, if you are planning to enter Singapore with your vehicle, you are required to have the Endorsement for LLP as it is compulsory in Singapore.
12 另外一个需要注意的要点是,如果您打算与您的车子入境新加坡,您务必购买LLP的额外保险因为在新加坡是被强制要求的。

13 This article is a part of Alex Chang & Co’s Corporate Social Responsibility effort to share our thoughts on some legal matters. Please consult your legal advisors and/or your insurance brokers on your specific needs.

13.1 The Copyright of this article is reserved, however, feel free to share the link to
this article.
13.1 本文内容均已属版权所有,但是,请随意分享此文链接。
附加物附录 Annexure, Example of Calculation 计算示例
The Chinese is a translation to the best efforts and
if there is a conflict between the translation and 
the English version, please refer to the English

Iman Izzati Azhari
Iman Izzati Azhari Alex Chang

Iman Izzati Azhari


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